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When planning on your Datacenter support, you should have a trusted partner to call in to meet your business objectives.

XllenTech Solutions can analyze your IT Infrastructure requirements. So that can reduce your project planning time and get you on the way to the implementation phase faster. You can expect a strategic, cost-effective IT solution to help you meet your business objectives.

All along the way, consultation, installations, and managed IT services. XllenTech Solutions can get you the advantage of faster project timelines. Our technical expertise and user-friendly service can get your business operational faster than chasing down quotes and options endlessly.

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third party maintenance

Hardware Relocations Made Easy.

Are you planning to relocate your data center or some of your IT equipments?

If you need to move your IT equipment across the data center or across the city, detailed planning is required to avoid troubles bringing your network back up and running. Whether you are moving to a bigger space, moving for disaster recovery purposes, or maybe opting for a colocation, You need experienced hands and brains to plan ahead.

You can count on XllenTech Solution professional expertise to help with the planning and moving of your Data Center IT equipment. Also, our technical support can ensure your systems are ready to go back into operation as soon as possible.

We have experience with all types of IT Equipment moving services, from only few equipments to enterprise-size relocations. We offer customized level of support to meet your budget, help you minimize risk, meet your deadlines and reduce your overall relocation costs.

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XllenTech Solutions’ Datacenter Support Services can help you run your business better.

Businesses Served

  • Solid systems global
  • McDonalds
  • Stratum Reservoir
  • GAP
  • Banana republic
  • SportChek
  • Airways printing
  • Jaffery Optical
  • People's Jewellers
  • Deerfoot city Optometry
  • Williams Sonoma
  • Enbridge Calgary
  • Zenith Physiotherapy Airdrie
  • Revital Health Calgary


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Moreover, we partner with leading IT brands and deliver best-of-breed solutions that give our clients a significant competitive advantage.