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  • Sophos partner Calgary
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By all means, we help people use technology to make a difference.

XllenTech Solutions has been providing IT Support to businesses in Calgary and Area since 2013. On the whole, we are a multi-vendor, multi-technology IT service provider covering the complete life cycle of business IT Systems.

By and large, XllenTech Solutions provides IT support services to businesses and enterprises in Calgary and the area. That is, we support bottom-to-top IT equipment, Desktop, Laptop, Printer, PoS, Switch, Router, Server, Storage and much more. By all means, XllenTech Solutions delivers IT support solutions customized to meet each customer’s unique requirements.

A Skilled Translator

We don’t just do what we’re told. Rather, we demystify the Information Technology. Undeniably, XllenTech gives business owners the tools they need to make powerful and informed decisions to grow their businesses and maximize profit. Above all, We stand guard for your IT Infrastructure.

A Dedicated Partner

In fact, XllenTech is not just an IT Support company, we are a partner to our clients. So that, We become an extension of our clients’ businesses by providing strategic IT Solutions. Indeed, our recommendations help lower costs and maximize efficiency.

Financially Sound Solution

Surely, We don’t break the bank. In other words, There are no hidden fees when you work with XllenTech Solutions. Further, we make IT recommendations and scale technology solutions to fit within our client’s budgets. We control our own expenses, so that we always remain affordable. Thus, XllenTech cares about your IT budget.


Multi-Technology IT Support Solutions

Proactive, Responsive IT Support Services for Your Business


However, your business maybe spread across sites, or concentrated in a single area of activity. Undoubtedly, in today’s technology dependent economy, you need a solution that's well-equipped to expand as you need. Summing up, you need a highly experienced provider.


Undeniably, very little business can be transacted if your core IT System fails. Chiefly, We implement and support IT systems for national and international Finance and retail groups. Hence, our customers trust us for consistent delivery of excellent value service.
  • Complete IT Services
  • IT Software Hardware Support 24x7


Indeed, Hardware and Software technical support is critical to keep your IT systems running. That’s why, XllenTech Solutions is available 24×7 to support your needs for continuous system availability. To be sure, call us to discuss your IT needs.


Are you looking for a technology partner?

We’ve been helping businesses like yours achieve clarity and control since 2013.

When IT Equipment malfunctions, lest it affects revenue.

We have extensive experience of supporting range of IT equipment. Therefore, we provide a complete end to end IT support solution. Xllentech Solutions offers onsite IT Support services in Calgary and area as when you need it.

Certainly, you need a stable, secure and reliable network.

Unquestionably, you need to make sure that you are in touch with experts for a periodic advice and right maintenance. So that, your network remains an asset you can rely on. All in all, Xllentech Solutions can help you periodically or on-demand basis.

Explicitly Reliable Server Support And Maintenance.

Sooner or later, when a server crashes, it costs you more than just the repair costs. And then for your business to continue operating, It becomes imperative to repair it at the quickest possible timeline. Xllentech Solutions provides cost-effective IT maintenance whenever you need.

In effect, Expert Technician For Your Storage Equipment Support.

In short, XllenTech Solutions specializes in maintenance of IT Storage Equipments from many brands. In truth, we provide responsible and reliable support. So, you can rely on us to maintain your IT infrastructure hardware.

Indeed, we can be your One-point Source for All Your Data center IT Support.

To list, XllenTech Solutions offers IT support solution to help you avoid delays and get you onsite support faster. Importantly, You can expect a strategic, cost-effective solution to help you meet your business objectives. Without delay, call us today!

Whenever you need, we get your job done, onsite or offsite.

Do you need help with a temporary or one-off IT Job? Whether the job takes a few hours, few days, or few weeks, Xllentech Solutions can provide staff personnel as and when you need it.

Businesses Served

  • Solid systems global
  • McDonalds
  • Stratum Reservoir
  • GAP
  • Banana republic
  • SportChek
  • Airways printing
  • Jaffery Optical
  • People's Jewellers
  • Deerfoot city Optometry
  • Williams Sonoma
  • Enbridge Calgary
  • Zenith Physiotherapy Airdrie
  • Revital Health Calgary


Indeed, Let One of the Best IT Services Company in Calgary

Partner With You!

Without delay, one of our experienced technology consultants will discuss your needs. And accordingly, we can identify service & support options tailored specifically towards your business.

Certified Support Techs

Moreover, we partner with leading IT brands and deliver best-of-breed solutions that give our clients a significant competitive advantage.