Prior to the proliferation of cloud computing, most businesses and organizations needed to purchase and maintain the software and hardware that supported their computing activities. As cloud computing resources became available, many businesses began using them to store data, provide enterprise software, and deploy online products and services. Some of these cloud-based adoptions and innovations are industry-specific. In healthcare, many providers use cloud services that are specifically designed to store and share patient data or communicate with patients. In academia, educators and researchers use cloud-based teaching and research apps. But there are also a large number of general cloud-based tools that have been adopted across industries, such as apps for productivity, messaging, expense management, video conferencing, project management, newsletters, surveys, customer relations management, identity management, and scheduling. The rapid growth of cloud-based business apps and infrastructure shows that the cloud isn’t just changing business IT strategy it’s a booming business in its own right.

We’re in the age of big data. With the exponential increase in data use, it’s becoming ever harder for companies to keep vital information, programs, and operating systems up and running on conventional in-house computer servers. In a bid to cut costs, ensure better security and become more agile cloud computing is a exellent solutions.

Cloud computing offers your business many benefits. It allows you to set up what is essentially a virtual office to give you the flexibility of connecting to your business anywhere, any time. With the growing number of web-enabled devices used in today’s business environment (e.g. smartphones, tablets), access to your data is even easier.

  • Flexibility

    Over time, companies may want to scale. With traditional hosting, users have to change their plan or service provider to do so. Cloud hosting offers extra flexibility. Scaling doesn’t require a server restart and can be done at any time, in real-time. Flexible payment options mean companies don’t have to overpay for unnecessary space.

  • Work from anywhere

    One of the other principal benefits of cloud computing is its compatibility with remote working. Cloud computing enables mobile access to corporate data via smartphones and other devices, ensuring everyone is kept in the loop. Staff working remotely or living in different geographic locations can keep instantly up to date with clients, customers and co-workers.

  • Automatic updates

    SaaS cloud providers usually take care of regular software and security updates on behalf of their users. This means users don’t have to put any routine software maintenance issues on the calendar. Thus enabling them to focus on running core aspects of their business.

  • Disaster recovery

    A big factor contributing to the success of any company is control and business continuity. No matter how in control a company is over its own processes, some things remain out of its remit. Even a small amount of downtime can have a huge negative impact on productivity, revenue, and brand reputation. While it can’t prevent all outages, the cloud can help you mitigate disaster by speeding up recovery from these events.

  • Security

    The reason data is so secure in the cloud is because it’s encrypted when transmitted over networks and stored in databases. Encrypting data makes it less accessible to hackers or to people without the right levels of authorisation. As well as this, most cloud-based services offer extra layers of security which can be set by the user.

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Not all businesses are same hence you should select a solution that solves unique needs of your business. Here are the Top 20 factors to compare cloud storage solutions when selecting an option for your business:

  • Remote/Mobile Access

    secure access to remote files from variety of devices including mobile devices.

  • File Synchronization

    synchronize across devices and operating systems, including mobile devices

  • File Sharing

    option to share files as link with users inside or outside an organization. Granular file sharing options such as private, public, password protected sharing.

  • Team Collaboration

    Common team folders for teams to sync and share files. Ability to send messages, comment on files and have threads of conversation.

  • Effective User Interface

    A good solution would have a right balance between ‘ease of use’ and richness of features. Intuitive features such as “drag and drop” files for upload.

  • Virtual Drive “streaming” or “on-demand sync”

    Mount remote files as local files. Files are downloaded only when they are accessed and edited. Consumers get access to all their remote files without using much local memory.

  • Content Creation, Collaboration

    offer integration with Microsoft Office 365, Collabora or Google Docs to create, edit and co-author files.

  • Administrator Tools

    user management, user policy management, centralized device dashboard, real-time performance reporting and security tools.

  • Integration

    connect with existing infrastructure, enterprise file servers and storage.

  • Customization

    Custom branding across user interfaces (logos, url customization), communications (emails) and policies.

  • Data Governance and Compliance

    Granular file access control, user policy management, centralized devices dashboard, and data residency. Compliance with regulations such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), HIPAA.

  • Search

    Indexes content across repositories for efficient search, and offers advance search using patterns and search filters.

  • Security and Data Protection

    Remote data wiping, strong encryption, data loss prevention (DLP), two factor authentication (2FA) and alerts on unusual activities.

  • Content Analytics

    Provide insights on system usage, user collaborations, external interactions and risk/ vulnerabilities.

  • Basic Content Management

    Versioning, metadata classification, user policy management, light workflows.

  • APIs

    A wide range of APIs to extend existing features and integrate with other applications.

  • Data Portability

    Ability to move files to another system. Limited vendor lock-in.

  • Identity Management

    Integrates with standard enterprise identity Active Directory (AD), and Single Sign On etc.

  • Deployment models

    Deploy solutions across public, hybrid or private clouds, and on-premises.

  • Total Cost of Ownership

    Some solutions offer some unique cost saving features e.g. FileCloud offers features such as unlimited free partner accounts, which could save you thousands of dollars.



Our vertical solutions expertise allows your business to streamline workflow, and increase productivity. No matter the business, XllenTech has you covered with industry compliant solutions.

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Our vertical solutions expertise allows your business to streamline workflow, and increase productivity. No matter the business, XllenTech has you covered with industry compliant solutions, customized to your company’s specific needs.

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