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Consider Your Network Solutions Standards

With the Certification and Hands-on Experience on a wide range of Network equipment by various manufacturers, XllenTech Solutions is ready to design and support your IT network infrastructure. XllenTech Solutions Inc. in Calgary allows you to postpone a costly hardware refresh until additional features or functionality is required.

Be it Cisco, HP, Gigabit, or any other brand switches in your network/server room, you expect greater control without complexity. You should be able to expect the same from your IT Network solutions company in Calgary.


Lower network maintenance costs for critical and development equipment

Coverage Options

Post-warranty support with coverage that does not include penalties or fees

Response Time

Quicker responses and quicker uptime for network issues and support
Network Maintenance & Support Services serving Calgary & Area since 2011

Cost-Effective IT Network Support Calgary

Are you responsible for IT Maintenance? Are you also responsible for doing more with less? The solution to successfully manage your expense budget includes both lowering IT support costs and keeping equipment running longer.

Your network equipment helps you maximize your business performance. And we help you with uptime and extending the life of your Network Equipment. With XllenTech Solutions IT services and solutions, you’ll find more flexibility and significant savings over OEM maintenance.

Did you know that you can get maintenance for your network equipment beyond their OEM warranty coverage? You can accomplish a significant cost reduction without compromising your service by hiring us for maintenance.

Switch to XllenTech Solutions and avoid premiums, restrictive contracts, and a convoluted support structure. Compare your current support with our customized maintenance to determine which is a better match for your business objectives and IT budget.

Network solutions calgary

A Closer Look at Network Maintenance

When your network equipment warranty expires, if you’re buying new network equipment because IT networking support is too expensive, not because of a performance issue, you should consider XllenTech Solutions to step in for you.

XllenTech Solutions IT networking support combines the technical expertise and timely advice to keep your switches/routers performing for years beyond the warranty.

Call us today, your satisfaction is our goal.

Suffering of slow network? worried about IT Security?

Upgrade your WAN Technology

Have you been thinking about your network upgrade? Your network been suffering of slow bandwidth? Did you hear about SD-WAN technology? Still not sure when to upgrade your network?

It’s surely time to upgrade your network with latest technology. SD-WAN has been proven to be breakthrough technology that introduces too many advantages over traditional WAN technologies used by businesses, e.g. MPLS.

Talk to us to know more about the new technology and it’s benefit. We can guide you for what your business needs and how you can achieve it, how you can solve long standing network issues. Call us or email us for free consultation.

Let the Best IT Network Maintenance Company in Calgary

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One of our experienced technology consultants will discuss your needs and help to identify service & support options tailored specifically towards your business.

Certified Support Techs

Moreover, we partner with leading IT brands and deliver best-of-breed solutions that give our clients a significant competitive advantage.