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Modern Cloud Storage for your Business

Private cloud storage is a storage system that stores your business data in your own storage servers by utilizing cloud computing and storage technology.

Private cloud storage, also known as Internal cloud storage, is similar to public cloud storage like Google drive, Onedrive etc. in that it provides the usability, scalability and flexibility of the storage architecture. But unlike public cloud storage, it is not publicly accessible and is owned by your business.

There are many types of storage devices like Floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, USB sticks, portable hard drives etc.. Over the years, some has become obsolete and other storage medias have changed considerably. Whereas cloud storage uses the central hardware resource(s) to store all your business data. The central storage system makes it easy to protect data privacy and also helps in data maintenance, data mining etc..

Local Shop, Warehouse or an Industry

A Next-generation Feature-rich System

Top Features:

Local or Cloud Storage
PDF Receipts
Website Products Sync
Extensive Revenue Reports
Top-rated Data Security
Scheduled Backups

More Than Just a Point of Sale System

It's ready to help you for better Marketing to superior Accounting
With long experience in sales, we have designed a Point of Sale System that immensely helps your business succeed. e.g.  on one hand it can help you easily send a mass marketing campaign. And on the other hand, many revenue reports comes built-in. Indeed, we have designed the PoS system with all the best features.

For example, you can assign a category and addional attributes to products for better sales reports and detailed understanding of overall sales trends. Also, the system is regularly updated, and more features are added often.

Highly Customizable PoS System

The PoS system offers great customization capability. Every business is different and to fit that, we can customize the system.

Our PoS system has features needed by small businesses to large enterprises. You can add features to the Base system as and when you need it.

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