FOURTEEN Start Transport has been operating since 2008, serving 3000+ customers across Alberta. FOURTEEN Star Transport offers matchless transportation services, customized capabilities for your supply chain and logistics requirements. They cover every step of physical shipments across Alberta by providing tracing and tracking facilities for your orders as well.

Fourteen Star Transport Inc.
IT Consultancy, PBX Phone System


Fourteen Star Transport Inc. has been looking for a phone system that offers flexibility and improve staff communication with cost reduction for many years.

With Drivers moving across Alberta, establishing uniform communication method posed many challenges. They relied on conventional cell phones to communicate, but equipping drivers with additional cellphone (in addition to their personal cellphone) and increasingly expensive cellphone bills for limited use were few of the big issues.

While talking to a friend Mr. Naqvi was recommended to XllenTech Solutions. During initial phone conversation, we decided to meet and discuss the solution. After an hour of discussion, we sent a cost comparison and our solution pricing with details on how office phones as well cell phone numbers will be migrated without downtime.

Mr. Naqvi’s partner requested another meeting to discuss how we can accommodate future expansion plans. He wanted a system that can record conversations and allow them to revisit to resolve any billing issue due to a reason for delivery delays. During an hour-long meeting, we discussed how VoIP Phone system will increase communication ease and save a lot of time and cost.


Benefits of VoIP PBX Phone system are many. Though direct benefit to each business differs on use case.  For Fourteen Star Transport, it was a great benefit to use the business line on the existing cell phone without additional hardware. We also explained how future-proof 3CX PBX Phone system is and also compared it to other systems like Telus Business Connect and Shaw Smartvoice. Our near instant tech support adds a great value to your business.

We also elaborated on how fax-to-email can help get rid of the conventional fax machines, save space, and make send and receive fax so much easier for staff.


XllenTech Solutions is glad that FOURTEEN Star Transport made the right decision to go with 3CX PBX System. We installed new office phones and migrated landlines number as well cellphone numbers to new system. Cellphone numbers were linked to extension of each driver for direct calls, as well as office to drive and vice versa communication would always work with mere extension numbers. A new Digital receptionist was setup to guide customers to connect with right department from the get-go that saved a lot of time directing calls. We also trained staff on how to conference call, setup speed dials, view call logs, etc..

Owners were setup with additional privilege account on the PBX System to allow them complete call logs, access to call recordings, ability to view current status of the entire PBX system, like calls in progress, call answering timeline, etc.. After 2 months of using the system, FOURTEEN Star Transport Owners are happy to have moved to VoIP Phone System.