AECOM (formerly AECOM Technology Corporation) is an American multinational engineering firm. AECOM has approximately 51,000 employees, and is number 157 on the 2019 Fortune 500 list.

Infrastructure Consulting
Data Cabling, Network Upgrade, AP Installation


AECOM in Calgary’s US-based IT partner needed a reputable, highly experienced IT Solutions and Support Company in Calgary to help them with Network upgrade and  Access Point Installation.

AECOM being a reputable enterprise, it was critical to find an IT Contractor to who understood the importance of work quality deliverables and utmost professionalism, attention to details during the entire project.


Within a few days of their search, XllenTech Solutions was chosen for the project. We fit exactly what the client was looking for. Our staff understood the values of a reputable business and cared about them as much as our client cared.

Multiple meetings were scheduled to discuss the scope of work, stages of the project, deliverables deadline, quality of work expected, staff coordination, etc.

A survey was performed to prepare an execution plan and suggest changes as needed to minimize deviation throughout the project.

XllenTech Solutions was asked to assign 6 field technicians to install cable runs for 26 Access Points (APs) on multiple floors for strong and secure Wi-Fi coverage. For the Network upgrade, an execution plan was determined spanning over weekend.


The project was completed exactly as planned with little to no deviation in the entire project.

We installed over 6000 ft of Data cable runs, installed network devices such as routers, switches, PDUs, UPSs, etc. We helped them configure the devices before installation and after the cutover. The project was completed within a week. Their IT support was impressed with our ability to provide on-the-spot support that helped them achieve 100% deliverables within the pre-scheduled timeline.

XllenTech Solutions has the expertise and experience to deliver mega projects with utmost details. We are proud of our achievements and look forward to continue our journey to help many more reputable enterprises achieve their goals with confidence.