Veseris™ is the leading specialty distributor of products, services, and support for pest management professionals across North America. Company offers the widest range of products and services to help environmental sciences customers meet every challenge –supporting structural pest control, public health (vector control), wildlife control, animal health, fumigation, turf and ornamental, and vegetation management markets.

Data Cabling


VESERIS’ was in the process of opening new location in Calgary needed to plan for Data cabling for the entire network infrastructure across the warehouse and offices.

They looked for an IT Company with similar experience and expertise on the same. Veseris needed an IT company for a long term relations to help them get going to support ongoing IT support needs. It was critical to find a IT business who can work independently without supervision and complete the project with detailed deliverables.


XllenTech Solutions has just what VESERIS was looking for. We have worked on countless projects without any client personnel overlooking the work and provide detailed work quality deliverables. Our long experience in the similar projects and trusted brand value help us to think for the client even when they are not there to verify work quality.

We were chosen without doubt to carry out the project to completion with a deadline. Our experience gives us the confidence to propose project completion timeframe and we rarely miss it.


We successfully completed the project by installing over 4,000 ft of Data cable runs across the offices and warehouse. We also installed 8 Access Points(APs), A Network rack, UPS, Router, Switch and provided IT support to successfully complete the project on time.

Client was kept updated with photos throughout the day. Work quality was ensured to be high. All deliverables were submitted on time. Project was completed within client budget. Happy to have completed another project with utmost quality commitment.