WESCO Canada is the largest electrical distributor in Canada. WESCO Canada represents approximately 20% of the company’s total revenue. The business is supported by four hybrid distribution centres located in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto and Montreal. WESCO Canada has extensive project expertise and the ability to work with customers to lower supply chain costs, increase efficiency and deliver green and sustainable solutions.

Electrical Distributor
Data Cabling, Data Ports Addition, IDF Installation


Wesco Warehouse in Calgary North needed additional data ports and electrical plugs in warehouse. Their IT partner in US chose us to help them achieve their goals.

Wesco, being a reputable brand, needed an IT Support Company in Calgary to ensure high quality work, carry out the project during business hours with minimal disruption to their operations, submit deliverables at the end of each day for approval.


A Data cable survey was performed by XllenTech Solutions, as well as an Electrical Survey was performed by our partner certified electrician.

A proposal was submitted detailed cost estimate of labor and materials along with timeline. Client had approved it at a first look and the project was scheduled in the following week.


XllenTech Solutions is proud to have completed the project on time and with the work quality as expected keeping safety in mind. We installed IDF Network rack, UPS, Switch, etc. with 8 additional Data ports in the desired location in the warehouse. Cable runs were installed to the MDF about 200ft away. Our partner Certified Electrician had installed additional electrical plugs.

Subsequently, we have been called out several times for many more projects by Wesco. We are proud to boast of our achievements and guarantee quality work each and every time. Contact us for your next IT project by a call to +1-403-567-5786 or email to contact@xllentech.com!