Jollibee™ is the flagship brand of Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC), was incorporated in January 1978. Its a largest and fastest growing multinational chain of fast food restaurant company in the world. With 70 stores in North America, 1500 stores across the globe and many more yet to come.

Fast Food Restaurant
Network Installation, Cable Point of Sale Installation, Data Cabling, AP Installation


A great restaurant brand, Jollibee, had decided to open a new and first location in Calgary. Their IT department was given the task of installation and supporting complete IT Systems in their new restaurant branch. The client had contacted several local IT companies to find the best to achieve their goals.

They needed an IT expert who had worked in a Retail location, have understanding of the Architect plan and be able to execute with utmost details.

Being an experienced IT company in Calgary, they chose us based on our company’s performance, proven experience, and background checked personnel.


The Architect plan was great, but when it comes to onsite implementation, things don’t always work as expected. During over a month long project, we made many visits as needed and had proposed numerous changes to the plan to avoid potential issues.

We had followed the plan closely and installed Point of Sale system, Network Rack, Cable run terminations, testing, Access Points(AP), Timeclock, Wall mount order display, etc.


We inspired the client with our dedication and hard work to the project’s completion within the timeframe and results exceeding their expectations.

Subsequently, they again contacted us to provide Complete IT Systems installation in their 2 more restaurant branches in Calgary, few months later to their first branch.

As a conclusion, we are so happy to have helped Jollibee Restaurant for all their IT needs in their all 3 branches in Calgary so far. We look forward to continue working with them.