Badger Daylighting ™ is the industry leader in non­-destructive hydro-excavation (hydrovac) services. Since 1992, Badger has been innovating cutting-edge technology and providing services to a diverse customer base including oil and gas, energy, industrial, construction, transportation and other markets, as well as numerous government agencies within Canada and the United States.

Badger Daylighting
Service Industry
IT Consultancy, Wifi Survey, Data Cabling, AP Installation


BADGER DAYLIGHTING in Red Deer needed a strong Wi-Fi coverage across 4 buildings, including offices, storage, manufacturing, and warehouse.

Due to the age of the buildings, running Cable runs to Access points was a big challenge. Cable run included cabling between floors in the same building to over 32ft high warehouse ceiling. They didn’t want to allow downtime as it was hard due to busy summer season and continuous operations.

It was essential strong Wi-Fi coverage was achieved in every corner of the buildings, so, they don’t need to revisit the issue again in near future.


XllenTech Solutions have been serving in IT businesses across North America since 2013. We have established a reputation of excellence and integrity to ensure that clients’ voice, video, or data network cabling projects move forward without headaches or hassles.

An IT contractor in USA for Badger Daylighting was given the task of building the backbone of IT infrastructure and laying out the complete structured cabling across their entire facility in Red Deer. A detailed survey was performed and facts were gathered to determine the expertise and tools needed to achieve goals. It was crucial to avoid last minute surprises, so that the planned activity doesn’t disturb staff and minimize impact on operations.

During the survey, IDF locations were determined and cable run path were evaluated. Data cable as well as Electricals requirements were decided and a full proof plan was submitted to the client.


Over 5 days of a week, we installed IDF Rack, over 3300 ft of CAT 6 Plenum cable runs and 19 Access Points(AP) in the proposed locations.

Every detail in the survey and execution plan was followed step by step. Any issue during the implementation was discussed and evaluated by XllenTech Solutions’ experts. We were proud to have succeeded in the plan submitted to the client. Entire activity was executed in the proposed 5 days and deliverables were submitted without any deviation.

We were proud to have helped a renowned North American brand, look forward to help many more businesses. Choose only the best IT services company for an experienced, professional and reliable hands. Contact XllenTech Solutions for your next IT Project.