GardaWorld is one of the world’s largest privately owned integrated security and risk company. With over 425 locations across 45 countries in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, GardaWorld is strategically located to serve all security needs worldwide.

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GardaWorld in Calgary’s US-based IT partner needed a reputable, highly experienced IT Solutions and Support Company in Calgary to help them with Data Cabling Survey, Network Rack Install, Cable Run and Access Point Installation.

GardaWorld being a reputable enterprise, it was critical to find a Local IT Contractor to who was highly trustable and provide multiple technician.


After engaging in extensive consultations with GardaWorld and their IT Partner over an extended period, XllenTech Solutions emerged as the chosen provider for the project. We underwent rigorous security checks and received clearance to proceed. Our team not only grasped the core values of a reputable business but also held them in the same high regard as our client.

Numerous meetings were meticulously scheduled to delve into various aspects of the project, including its scope, project stages, delivery deadlines, expected work quality, staff coordination, and more.

A comprehensive survey was conducted to craft an execution plan. Drawing from our wealth of experience, we crafted a detailed plan covering both the Calgary and Red Deer locations.

XllenTech Solutions was entrusted with deploying three field technicians to carry out tasks such as installing Network Racks, running cables for additional desktops, printers, and access points (APs) across multiple floors.


XllenTech Solutions is delighted to announce the successful completion of the project, meeting all specified deadlines and maintaining the expected level of work quality, always prioritizing safety. Our team expertly installed a Network rack, UPS, Switch, along with additional Desktops, Printers and  Laptops, complete with additional Data ports in the designated warehouse and office locations.

For security reasons, we do not publish photos for such project.

We take immense pride in our accomplishments and are committed to delivering top-notch quality with every endeavor. For your next IT project, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at +1-403-567-5786 or via email at contact@xllentech.com!