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Does Your Business Need Managed IT Services?

Digital and workplace transformations are in full swing today in most organizations. This also means that businesses are facing the need to manage a complex set of hardware devices, software applications, combinations of cloud services, along with ensuring network security.

Why Managed IT Service Makes Sense Today?

Managed IT services support the entire technology environment of a business. This includes infrastructure, platforms, software, network and more. Services can be tailored to specific domains such as analytics and project management, application management, backup and disaster recovery management, desktop and network management, etc.

Having a managed IT service not only takes the burden off your shoulders but also ensures that your workplace tech is sufficient and well-run to meet your overarching goals. 

Rather than investing on the entire IT infrastructure and complete professional IT team, a business only pays for operating costs with managed IT services.

Here’s a lowdown on what a managed IT service provider can do for your business. 

1. A better running of fundamental business operations

Your core IT team should be using the technologies rather than fixing them. Managed IT services keep all systems like remote work, cyber security, compliance, and workflow running smoothly. The core IT team of your business are then free to dedicate all their focus on business transformation and revenue growth. 

2. Adopting new IT innovations and improving performance

Technological innovations are taking place in quick succession. A skilled and experienced IT team can identify the most important ones and ensure that your business adopts these strategically game-changing technologies early and educate employees about how to effectively use them. Thus, your business performs better and stays ahead of competitors.

3. Access to experience as well as business connection

Managed IT services allow businesses to hand over the many IT touchpoints to an expert without the added expense of another employee. It is especially true of small and medium enterprises. Managed service providers also bring to the table the benefits of their multi-vendor relationships. Their partnership with different hardware and software vendors can translate into discounts on bulk purchasing or leasing options. The best value for budget and time makes managed IT services a must.

4. Proactive monitoring and risk management

The state of infrastructure and network needs to be regularly monitored and managed. Managed IT service providers can help with contracts and licensing as the organization grows, manage upgrades, and other tasks to ensure the business IT remains stable through innovations and transformations. All that while your business stays on top of compliance, IT security, and data security.

5. Using business intelligence and analytics for improvement

A managed service provider can educate and guide your team to get the best out of powerful tools such as business intelligence applications and analytics software. A business can get valuable customer and competitor insights by using these to achieve business goals.

Are you ready to reap the quantifiable benefits of managed IT services? We, at XllenTech Solutions, are here to offer a valuable partnership to you with a properly planned cost structure that is scalable as you grow.

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