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How a VOIP Phone System Can Lead to Improved Communication and Cost Savings

Traditional phone lines are on their way out from most offices, while VoIP telephone system is fast taking their place. With a ton of great features, VoIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol allows businesses to handle their communications optimally, which is crucial in an era where the ability to stay connected often impacts the growth (and death) of a business. But that’s not all. Switching to VoIP comes with many potential benefits. In this blog, we’ll talk about two of the most undeniable advantages of using a VoIP phone system: Improved communications and cost savings. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

‘Anytime anywhere’ access

When using traditional phone systems, you’re required to assign a unique number or code to each line. If you happen to change your office location for some reason, transferring those numbers/codes can be a big headache. VoIP system can be transferred without any such hassle. Plus, no cumbersome installations and no wastage of time.

Unlike a traditional phone system with its clunky hardware and cables, VoIP isn’t restricted by hardware in most cases. It allows free movement so your businesses can benefit from seamless communication even when it’s on-the-go.

Go beyond voice calls

An attractive benefit of VoIP is its capability for making conference calls easier and more affordable. While traditional phone systems allow users to participate in conference calls, it requires you to pay extra to host multiple callers. A VoIP phone system, on the other hand, will have call conferencing among its regular bunch of features, which is covered by the cost you’re already paying for the service.

Many VoIP service providers also provide video conferencing facilities, which can be a game changer for your business, especially now when we are increasingly reliant on remote communications.

Communication without a break

Remote teams, global clients, and virtual operations are common for today’s businesses. VoIP is a boon that enables you to manage your communications without missing a beat. It gives you a complete control over where your calls go. For instance, if you’re not available to take calls in your office, you can configure it to be rerouted to your device of choice, be it your mobile or laptop. Important documents don’t have to wait either. VoIP can be used to e-fax them right when they are needed.

Big savings for remote operations

A recent VoIP market survey estimates the global VoIP calls market share to reach over 50% by 2025. The major push for the growth comes from high potential for cost-savings due to calling plans becoming more affordable. So, enterprises with offices and customers dispersed in various locations can benefit from cross-border business communications at low costs.

As we pointed out above, with most VoIP solutions, you don’t have to worry about hardware — another area where businesses can save money. Without the need for hardware fixes and regular maintenance, your ongoing costs with VoIP is practically nothing.

If you’re interested to reap these benefits of VoIP, it all starts with choosing the right VoIP service provider. 3CX is the global leader in VoIP telephone systems which can transform your company’s communication and collaboration at reduced costs. XllenTech Solutions , as an authorized 3CX reseller in Calgary, we can help you get the best of 3CX’s VoIP solutions for your business.

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